Why Homepathy?

Homeopathy is a healing modality that is often misunderstood……many people think it is herbalism, nutrition, supplementation or even faith healing.  They don’t understand it is actually a system of medicine that brings you to a deep understanding of yourself and your condition which carries you to a place of healing (becoming whole) through freedom from mental, emotional and physical limitations.
In this age of the internet we have access to plenty of knowledge about alternative or complementary forms of healing.  When it comes to homeopathy, some of this information is true and accurate, some of it tries to discredit this 200 year old form of medicine.  In this article I will attempt to dispel the myths and describe why patients could benefit from homeopathy.
1 Homeopathy is commonly thought of as placebo, meaning that the suggestion of giving a pill for a condition will be enough to stimulate healing.  The truth is that there is an aspect of placebo in all medicine.  How often have you felt ill and the day you have an appointment with the doctor do you feel better just before you go?  Homoeopathy is effective on animals and babies, neither are not open to suggestion or placebo.
2 Homeopathy is not science based.  In fact Homeopathy is based on scientific principles, these principles do not change unlike the ever changing modern scientific methods. 
The law of similars – finding and treating the cause of a condition will cure that condition.
The body heals itself – homeopathy encourages this process and completes the cure. Keeping in mind that every person is individual and taking their unique symptoms into account bring them to cure sooner.
3 Homeopathy uses small doses to stimulate the healing of the body – large doses of medicine cause poison the body with toxicity, mask symptoms, create new symptoms and do not cure.
1 Homeopathy is effective in both acute and chronic conditions, offering long lasting to permanent cures because it gets to the root of the problem rather than eradicating symptoms alone.  There is more and more evidence and research to show that homeopathy is as effective and cures similar to conventional treatments.
2 It is safe and without side effects.  There is no threat of digestive issues, compromise to the immune system, nor allergic reaction.  The remedies work with the body instead of against it.
It is also safely used in pregnancy, for children and the elderly.
3 Homeopathy strengthens the immune system and improves levels of general health.  In the homeopathic consultation, the main symptom is discussed as well as energy levels, sleep patterns, digestion, eating habits and mood are considered.  After homeopathic remedies patients report an improvement in these areas as well as the main symptom disappearing.
Millions of people around the world use Homeopathy with success.  It turns illness into health in a gentle, non-toxic way.  The reality is that it is not a quick fix, it may take time to restore your health if you have been suffering for a long time however if you are committed to your healing journey then you will reap the rewards of homeopathic medicine.
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