Part 4 -When treating the emotion changes the physical

Often in homoeopathy we look to getting to the root cause of the illness. When patients come to me with a problem (for example eczema) I want to know about the skin but I also want to know what is behind it, what caused it in the first place, was it emotional, was it due to a trauma or could it be from toxicity? Symptoms are the bodies way of expressing that there is something wrong. On the other hand, it is not always possible to find the cause of the problem, so you just have to get all the symptoms and make a map of the patient’s illness and work through the case bit by bit. However, when the cause is emotional that emotional state has to be addressed.

When we get stuck in an emotional state, unable to work out or express how we truly feel this can manifest on a physical level. This might seem basic knowledge but I wanted to share my own experience in this blog post just to illustrate how important it is to understand what this means.

I have been rather stressed lately, promoting my business, working on different projects and I have not had time for my regular yoga practice, as a result I have had a flare up of my eczema, very annoying to say the least. A friend said to me “Mel you have been in your head and not in your body”. I got really annoyed with her and quite defensive, thinking what does she mean, I have been perfectly fine, I am just busy with life. The next days after however I started to realise that she was right, I have been so detached recently, and so busy being busy, worrying about trivial things, that I have not taken time to look after myself and as a result my skin has been telling me, but I was choosing to ignore it.

I went to see my homoeopath and had a remedy, it stirred up quite a number of things, I cried a lot and got really down. 3 days later I started to feel as if everything was lifting and ok again. It was such a strong reaction that others around me noticed and also commented, one person telling me that I was like a dark cloud – that did not make me smile!

So now 2 weeks on my skin is starting to change, it feels less irritated and it seems to be clearing which makes me very happy. My skin is a barometer for my emotional health and when I forget this it soon reminds me!

The process of healing is influenced by many factors, for example, the foods we eat, the environment we live, especially the thoughts we have. Just as it is important on a physical level to have homoeostasis, so it is essential to have balance between the mind and the body. Knowing how to deal and recover from stress is crucial, but when stressed it’s easy to forget!

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