According to the Western medical view, there is no clear cause of eczema.   Atopic eczema is the most common form of eczema although there are several different types.  Being ‘atopic’ usually means that you are allergic.  Atopic eczema can run in families and often occurs alongside other conditions, such as asthma and hay fever.

In my experience, eczema and allergic conditions are often caused by toxic overload.  This may be a controversial statement but toxic overload leads to imbalances in the body. I have seen case after case and when I detoxify agents such as

  •  Pollutants
  •  Artificial Hormones
  •  Foods
  • Chemicals
  • Heavy metals

Patient’s symptoms improve and the eczema resolves itself.

When the body become sensitive to any of the above toxins one of the results can be  irritation and inflammation.  For eczema prone people this  result is puritis (itching).  Once the itch begins and scratching occurs then this leads to a rash.  The rash causes external inflammation and irritation which then itches.  Hence the itch/scratch cycle is born.   The result is dry, sensitive and damaged skin.

My strategy for combating eczema takes a three tiered approach.

  1. Control/reduce the itching by keeping moisturised
  2. Getting rid of toxins
  3. Repairing the damage the toxins have done.

 Treatment for eczema

Western medicine offers steroid treatment most commonly.  This acts buy controlling the inflammation but is mearly a temporary measure that manages symptoms.

Homoeopathy on the other hand addresses the the cause  of the eczema  by offering a solution to getting rid of the toxins and further reduces the patient’s susceptibility to getting eczema in the first place.

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