The Story of Skin – Part 1 Healthy Skin

 Related imageThis is a story of skin…….. the largest organ of the human body…… tells a thousand tales, the older we get the more stories it tells.  Age spots, sun damage, laughter lines, wrinkles, sagging and loss of elasticity are all part of the fabric of the story of our life.  Most people are obsessed with maintaining the integrity of their skin as if they were in their 20s.  The beauty industry is worth millions of dollars and spends most of this on marketing to women (and more recently men) encouraging them to spend money on creams, face masks, serums and a whole host of other lotions and potions in an effort to preserve their youth. This is marketing genius……..cause what they don’t tell you is that the quality of the skin is dependant not on their potions but factors like diet and hydration, your genetic makeup and the state of your internal organs, especially your gut.
Why are people so caught up in their skin?  Well there are fewer things softer than a babies bottom! In reality it goes to depths further than skin deep.  Image is everything in this day and age and youth is the way forward even when it is far behind us, the skin is one of the first things people will notice about us, as well as out eyes and teeth.  A healthy skin can reflect our confidence, level of happiness and stress levels, after all frown lines become entrenched only when we have something to worry about!
As well as providing an image the skin’s function is to eliminate, protect us from chemicals and microbes, keeping us warm, produce Vit D….. it even has a social sexual role, eliminating pheromones which attracts people to us.  So a fully functioning healthy epidermis is a beautiful thing.
The problem is the skin does get diseased.  The most common skin conditions being excema, psoriasis and acne……….
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