The Skin Story – The Reality of Eczema Part 4


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As irritating and distressing as eczema can be for the sufferer it is also causes stress in the family.

Eczema’s impact on the family is:-

HEARTBREAKING – watching someone you love, young or old, scratching themselves often to the point where they break skin and bleed is akin to watching someone bang their head against a wall uncontrollably.

UNCOMFORTABLE –  when  itching  is so wild and out of control that the only way to is to scratch as hard as you can with whatever you can use……. fork, knife, comb is simply saditic and uncomfortable for family members to witness.

EXPENSIVE……the endless trial and error of special creams and supplements each one promising to be the miracle elixir. More often than not they go half used in the bin because they did nothing……. neither soothe… let alone remove the problem.

DISEMPOWERING – the constant visits to medics, dermatologists, complementary healthcare providers, trips to the hospital when infection has become way out of control means life seems owned by the professionals.

TIME CONSUMING – Bath time becomes a chore not to mention the special toiletries and moisturisers………it is not a ‘wash and go’ affair.

PAINFUL – The screams at bathtime because of broken skin are painful for all involved.

EXHAUSTING – Preparation for bed is a special event in itself, soaking in the bath, excessive moisturising and mummy like bandaging of the hands to  prevent itching only to wake in the night hands free and clawing at the skin……. does not make for a restful night.

DEPRESSING – family fun time can become limited for sufferers and parents, feeling hopeless brings morale down for everyone.

SHAMEFUL – People can be cruel (even strangers) making inappropriate comments regarding a persons skin condition making sufferers or parents self conscious.

ALL CONSUMING – Sometimes the entire family changes diet, activities and lifestyle to help sufferer manage trough the healing process.

Eczema is REAL and more than just a rash, it’s a life altering chronic condition.  While it may seem that it is endless and there is no hope I know first hand that eczema can be cured using Homeopathy, paying special attention to diet and using relaxation techniques and yoga.

Please contact me if you would like more information about healing eczema with homeopathy.

Look out for The Skin Story  – Part 5

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