The skin story – Boiling over Part 5

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When you put a lid on a pot of boiling water…….the water stops coming over the sides for a while and then it continues seemingly unstoppable. It comes through with increased force as it has the pot lid to contend with.

This is what happens when eczema (Greek for ‘to boil over’),  or any skin condition for that matter is suppressed with steroids (topical or internal), antibiotics or antihistamines. The symptoms disappear temporarily (or not, they do not always work) and then return with a vengeance.

The body expresses symptoms on the surface of the skin as an indicator that there is something wrong on the inside of the body. Internally is where the dis-ease exists and requires addressing at that level. Eczema is a sign that the body is trying to throw off toxins either acquired through drugs or emotional unhappiness or it is an indication that the other eliminating organs are dysfunctional. (Read The Skin Story – Eczema Part 2)

Examples of homeopathic remedies that address the organ dysfunction and also treat skin issues.

Toxic liver – Nux Vom and Sulph,

Constipation –  Sil and Sepia

Grief and sadness – Ignatia and Nat mur,

How does a homeopath know which remedy to choose?

The total result of the symptoms that the body presents are assessed and then the homeopathic remedies are prescribed, favourable results showing over time.  Initially the skin symptoms may get worse with the push of release of toxins (force on the pot lid), then eventually the skin calms and symptoms disappear.

The danger of suppression is that Eczema driven inwards turns into Asthma. The reality being the suppression drives the toxicity inwards and is then expressed from the level of the lungs. Asthma is a more life threatening condition than Eczema……….this is a deeper issue.

Conventional medicine sees these 2 conditions as separate conditions but they are linked….. physically in the body and an inability to express in words what is happening on an emotional level.

Homeopathy naturally, gently and effectively corrects the bodies wrongs and is a favourable option to suppressing eczema bringing the problem out rather than driving it in.  It is akin to taking off the pot lid and turning down the heat, it all calms down and the water eventually cools.

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