The Skin Story – A new skin day Part 6


Image result for sunriseSelina reached out to me through Facebook in 2014.  She had chronic eczema and was really at her wits end.  She was fed up being self conscious, she was done with scratching her skin and she was more than exasperated by buying products to help heal her skin.

She had been to homeopaths previously and she was not really convinced that homeopathy was the healing modality to help her as her previous experiences were less than effective, she was simply giving up on what to do.

After we talked and I explained that I too suffered from eczema and understood what she was going through, she decided to Skype with me and trusted that I would be able to help her.

I prescribed homeopathic remedies, made some suggestions for her to clean up her diet.  I also suggested she take probiotics to help with her gut.  With all her feelings of being over whelmed I suggested she learn to relax and advised her to find a yoga class.

After a few months she started to see some improvement and was pleased.  We worked together for a while and she went on to empower herself further.  At the time she was doing a Masters in science.  She has since gone on to become a Hypnotherapist.


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