The Programme

The Programme

Healing Essentials for Clear Skin. This is a tailor made program to help guide and support excema patients through their process of healing.  It comprises first and foremost of understanding that the symptoms of eczema are the bodies extremely cleaver way of telling you that there is something wrong. This may sound obvious but if patients don’t understand this they will not know how to fix it.  Secondly patients have to become aware why they have eczema. What emotional, environmental and physiological factors contribute to the condition.  With this knowledge they then move on to fixing the problem.

There is then a step by step guide for patients to follow, this includes Homoeopathy, yoga, and a nutritional program.  Patients will be supported through the entire process.  The most essential thing is that the patients have to be determined to get better and therefore they have to have an open mind.  It is like a broken car, first you have to realise that there is something wrong , then understand what is wrong with the car, then you need to find the right tools. Then and only then can you fix the problem and carry on with the journey.


The results that come are individual to the patient. If they are really determined then they will get the best results. The results speak for themselves click here.

Other aspects of the patients life improve due to holistic treatment. Sleep, emotioal disturbances and appetite issues can also improve as the skin improves.

Length of Programme

An holistic approach may take longer than other methods of treatment.
It is not a quick fix and may require some long term lifestyle changes.
The general guide is for every year of the condition, it takes the body a month to heal.
You will see improvement along the way but the end benefits/rewards are long lasting.

How often

Patients will have to come at least once a week for the first month, maybe more in some cases. If it is long distance then we can speak on SKYPE.

How much

I will charge an initial fee for information pack and consultations and then there will be follow up fees for any follow-up consultations.