Part 1 – The gift of skin: Not a dermatologist but I am a skin expert

A dermatologist studies a lot (probably from books) to understand the workings of the skin in its healthy state as well as its diseased state.

I did not learn about skin from books, I was taught by life. Once upon a time I had beautiful skin. Friends and strangers alike used to comment on just how radiant my skin appeared. Having suffered from eczema as a child this used to make me very proud and relieved that I grew up with a clear skin. Looking back I may have taken it for granted that I had a flawless evenly toned shell to be proud of, but I was in my 20s and enjoying life.

As my 30s came around, no longer a student and beginning to feeling the pressures of becoming a responsible adult, I began to face some old demons. In fact I started to feel uncomfortable with myself and in my skin and it started to show. Small rashes appeared, ‘for my eyes only’, so I could almost pretend that they were not there.

Slowly over the next couple of years the rashes started to change and grow which began to worry me immensely. Then the big blow, my father died suddenly and my diagnosed eczema exploded. It began to cover my neck and my arms and legs I started to feel itchy and irritated, with myself, and my surroundings. What was I to do but to runaway, which I did. What I did not figure out was that my skin and the irritation and the demons would come with me.

7 years on and I am not running anymore. In fact I have put both feet on the ground and I have decided to run towards healing myself. Ironic given that I am a Homeopath and Yoga teacher and spend most of my time and energy helping others to heal themselves. So I have reached the point were I am willing to be my most loyal patient, no longer looking for ‘quick fixes’ natural or otherwise, I have made a commitment to changing my life and this means changing my skin.

This is the beginning of the story. If you want to know more please follow my weekly updates.

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