MR, Bath UK

Well, where to begin.
I contacted Mel at the end of October 2013. Our 3 year old son was in the middle of an awful “flare up” of eczema. It is something he had struggled with since he was about 12 months old. It mainly affected his fingers, hands and wrists but other parts of his body were sore too. Over the years we had been to the doctors countless times, and were always prescribed the same stuff just under different brands. We had steroid creams, bath emollients, hand washes and daily moisturizers. The itching and soreness could be kept at bay if we used a concoction of all the creams on a daily basis. but the minute we stopped the angryness in his skin would return, as well as the itch, scratch cycle.

We were dis-paring, Our son wanted to play in the sand, join in with hand painting at nursery, and join in with all the other messy play that a 3 year old enjoys. We had to keep his hands covered as his skin was so cracked and sore, he was miserable.
We began speaking with Mel during the worst of it. Marley’s hands were constantly bandaged and he wasn’t sleeping well because of the itching.
After speaking to Mel about Marley, she told us which remedies suited him. They were quickly ordered and we began treatment. It was an amazing transformation. His skin quickly began healing and he was over the moon that he could attend nursery bandage free.
We feel we are in safe hands with Mel, she is incredibly easy to talk to, and alongside homeopathy, has suggested ways in which to improve diet in order to heal the gut. I only wish we knew about her smeleveral years ago!
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