J from USA

When my son, Owen, was an infant he suffered from night terrors. In
the middle of the night he would scream and cry hysterically and he
was still asleep! My doctor didn’t know what to do about the terrors
so I heard through a friend about Mel and her practice. I decided I
would go and see what homeopathy could do for him. Once we reached
Mel’s office, she observed Owen, asked a few questions about him and
wanted to get a feel of what type of child he was like. After
spending a good deal of time together, she figured out a remedy and
gave me instructions for Owen in order to cease his terrors. So that
evening I began the remedy as instructed. The remedy consisted of
white pills you put under the tongue before sleep. The results were
wonderful! Owen no longer had night terrors and never had them again.

Mel also helped relieve Owen of hoarse, dry coughs that woke him up in
the middle of the night. My doctor had actually prescribed a
medication that didn’t help very much, tasted awful and didn’t stop his
coughing after the second night.

After going to see Mel, she made up a remedy for him which stopped his cough and he was able to sleep and I was able to sleep too!

Mel Dupres has a wonderful intuitive and healing talent. I highly recommend that you go see what she can do for you or someone you love!


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