Part 9:Can vaccination cause eczema?

It is not uncommon for children to break out in a rash or fever after being given routine vaccination shots.  Sometimes of there is dry skin before shots which becomes worse after vaccines.  There are cases of eczema that come on in children that have not been vaccinated or at a time when vaccination is nowhere to be seen.  This being the case, it leads me to the question – Does vaccination cause eczema?

The immediate answer is NO it does not as there is no way to prove that eczema is a direct reaction to vaccination.  Which leads to the next question, why do some children break out in eczema after they have had vaccines?   To answer this, some people are predisposed to eczema in which case eczema CAN be a direct effect of vaccination in these cases.

The usual scenario is that eczema, an ‘atopic’ condition is passed down in the family.  This means that there is a history of allergies, asthma, hay fever and eczema that occurs in one or more member of the family.

Once vaccinated, an atopic child’s system becomes overloaded with toxins in the shots, (formaldehyde, mercury and the rest) bombarding and weakening the immune system.  This causes a cascade effect………the gut flora becomes depleted, the body is not able to eliminate toxins in the usual way (through the liver/kidneys), the gut lining becomes porous and toxins begin to leak into the blood (leaky gut), candida and other pathogens start to thrive, food and environmental allergies start to appear …….the result is toxins thrown out onto the skin in this condition we call eczema.

With no definitive answer to the question, does vaccination cause eczema, I find it curious that the NHS website for Myths and truths about vaccination states that children should not have vaccines if there is an allergy yet they say:

“ It is a MYTH that you have to avoid or delay your child’s vaccination if they have a mild illness without a fever, such as a cough or cold or if they have an allergy such as asthma, hay fever, eczema”.

It is also interesting that an article from 1889, Southern Journal of Homeopathy sites cases were eczema is caused by vaccination (vaccinosis).  It has been known for a long time that vaccination in some people can cause adverse effects, it cannot be denied, so what do we do about it?

With such conflicting information I will say that as a homeopath my job is not to judge or make a stand against vaccination.  It is however to understand and help people get over eczema once they have it.  In cases where eczema has come on as a direct result of vaccination, homeopathy is a great tool for reversing the damage that vaccines have caused.  A protocol of detoxing the vaccines, healing the gut and strengthening the immune system clears the system from eczema.

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