Part 3 – Why do babies get eczema?

I have treated a few children with eczema recently and I started to ask myself this question.
When babies are born we expect them to be perfect, healthy happy and full of innocence…… they are!
However they do not drop from the sky, they come from somewhere……… someone………. two people………in fact they come from a whole long line of people and they carry all of the ancestral baggage and sadly for some beautiful little innocents they wear this on their skin. 
You know how you look at a new born or even a 6 month old and say they have eyes like auntie so-and-so or the hairline of uncle Harry or that smile like their grandpa.  Well, they have inherited these physical features and more.  They would have also inherited personality traits and the genetic predispositions to disease, everything from cancer to osteoporosis, asthma to dry skin.  This does not mean that the child will grow up to definitely carry the disease, it just means there is a chance.  The chance of the disease taking hold depends on certain factors falling into place to make the conditions right for the disease to develop.
So what makes the conditions right for a baby to have eczema from such a young age? 
1. What’s happening with mum
A huge factor is that we have to look at what is going on in utero.  When the baby is inside the womb it is so influenced by everything the mother is doing, her thoughts and feelings, what she eats, how stressed she is.  The foetus is a complete sponge and totally dependant on the mum. 
2. Cow’s milk is for cows
The other common factor is that babies can be sensitive to milk, cows milk in particular.  This is a major allergen, but let’s think about it, cows milk is for baby cows so not really surprising that so many people are intolerant to dairy and milk products.  Again, depending on what the mother has been eating in pregnancy will influence any intolerances/allergies in new born.
3. Good gut bacteria
Gut flora is the foundation for the immune system and influences how allergic one can be.  Babies gut flora is again dependent on their mother and as they pass through the birth canal ingest flora from that vagina.  Mums flora needs to be healthy.  Stress, medication and bad diet can all destroy the flora of the body.  Fortunately these days there are many ways to rebalance gut flora, from probiotics off the shelf to fermented foods.
In my experience I have seen how eczema can be caused by unhealthy diet, toxicity due to medicines, imbalanced emotions and stress (pressure of modern life).  Generally a baby does not have any of these issues independently and it seems unfair that they should suffer with such an affliction but they can ‘borrow’ them from the parents, genetically and energetically.  A happy healthy pregnancy is not always the only factor, but it helps. 
Eczema is a reality for many babies but as they are so young and the condition has not ‘taken hold’ like it can in an adult it is fairly easy to turn the situation around with homeopathy and some changes in routine and new guidelines.
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