Part 2 – Normality out of insanity

I know first hand what it is like to ‘try everything’ to get better. I just got so fed up of being itchy, looking ugly and feeling down on myself. I just had to do something else. I think it was Einstein that defined insanity as: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. My results were always the same – bad skin and I was definitely going insane with the itching.

There had to be a fundamental change from deep inside myself in order to have the beautiful skin that I wanted so desperately to have again. From this the PROGRAMME was born!

I tried physical treatments, addressed emotional issues and finally I monitored everything that I ate and drank and refined my supplements. The previous result was that I spent an excessive amount of money on treatments, creams and therapists without satisfaction. Ultimately it was my programme, my own knowledge and determination to get better that got me to where I wanted to be, talk about ‘healer heal thyself’!

My desire is to share this experience with others as I know just how frustrating and demoralising a skin condition can be. The integrated approach that I have devised is an, individual tailor made programme for the patient, where they find out the cause of their eczema and we explore together the tools to fix it. Along with the correct tools, I am convinced that is the will to get better that gets results.

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