My Story

stress-induced-eczemaI was covered head to toe with stress induced eczema. I had lost weight, 90lbs when normally 120lbs My hair was falling out and I was generally very unwell and unhappy.




My foot before treatmentMy foot before treatment





 My neck before treatmentMy neck before treatment





I was prompted to devise the program because I suffered from excema myself. I had it as a child and then seemed to grow out of it between the ages of 10 and my early 30s.  When my father died it came back with a vengance and I struggled for many years to be free of it. I tried the A-Z of natural medicines from acupuncture, detoxes, homoeopathy, psycotherapy to yoga and much more. I even went as far as India seeking a cure.

My foot during treatmentMy foot during treatment





What I realised was that they all helped a little but not enough. Eventually it dawned on me that it was me, not the modality or even the condition that was the problem. I was not listening to what my excema was telling me,I was not making a long term commitment to my own healing and health. I was looking for the same quick fix that people do through steroids, just through natural medicine.

My neck after treatment

My neck after treatment





That is when I started to create the program.


Happy and healthy with clear skin.
Life seems so different after the
‘Heal your skin from within programme’