Here are my top five tips for managing  flare ups in the summertime.
HYDRATE – It is crucial to keep hydrated.  In the heat the body loses moisture through sweat, even if you are not dripping buckets moisture is evaporating from the skin all the time.  Ideally you should be drinking at least 2 litres of fluid daily.  Water on its own can be boring so why not include pure (sugar free) coconut water – great for electrolyte balance, or even some chamomile (for digestive system) or nettle tea (for kidneys).  Believe it or not drinking hot tea is cooling but ice can be added to make a cold drink – use honey not sugar to sweeten. KEEP COOL
MOISTURISE – Dry skin craves moisture.  It may be too hot and sticky to apply thick creams so why not use alternatives like lotion or an oil like jojoba, these are lighter than cream and allow your skin to breath.  You may have to apply it several times daily.  Whatever you choose, never use moisturisers that are petrochemical based, like baby oil or vaseline that clog pores.  Use products that are natural and unscented (perfumes irritate eczema).
DIET – Allergies to certain foods can be a problem to eczema skin. Sometimes it is necessary to have an allergy test to find out what you are allergic to.  The main culprits are milk, eggs, soya, nuts and wheat.  Find out what you are allergic to before cutting out certain food groups.  In any case, summer is a great time to eat less as we generally feel less hungry.  Make fresh fruits and salads the main part of your diet.
SUPPLEMENTS – Supplements can be costly and it may be confusing to know which ones to take.  In my experience there are 3 main supplements that an eczema sufferer needs for healthy skin.  These are EFA’s (in the form of flaxseed oil or high strength fish oils), probiotics (found in fermented foods such as kefir) and selenium (naturally found in brazil nuts).  There may be others that you require – (a practitioner can help you with this.)
PMA – Positive Mental Attitude. Having itchy, irritated skin can leave you feeling unhappy and despondent.  To overcome this do things that make you happy.  Spend time with friends, exercise and be kind to yourself.  One key thing is not to look at your skin.  It’s like the watched pot that never boils…………….watched skin never heals!  Once you do things to help with the itch the skin will start to heal before you know it.
Eczema can be managed and eventually will be healed by putting the right strategies in place.  It is possible to do this on your own but often help is required.   Homeopathic treatment can be very effective for treating the physical and emotional aspects of this condition.
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