Part 6 – Bleach is not for bathing in

Bleach baths seem to be talked about more and more for treating infected skin.  This is totally absurd to my mind.  Why would you bathe your child’s precious and already delicate skin (if they have eczema) in a substance that is considered toxic – it carries a warning on the label so it is no secret…….you just would not.  If you were told to blow car exhaust fumes onto a child’s skin because it would help you wouldn’t do it because you know that this is toxic.

I understand the desperation and frustrations of eczema as I have been there myself and I more than understand what it is like to have an itch attack where you just can’t stop no matter how hard you try and how much you reason with yourself that it is doing damage to your skin.  But before you know it you are in it and there is blood and tears and within a couple of minutes the skin is oozing and those yellow crystals of infection start to appear.  What do you do now – it’s too sore to bathe or shower, you are exhausted and emotionally drained.  I tell you what you are not going to plunge into a bath of diluted bleach for sure.  At least I can express this is words, unlike a tiny child, but if they could they would say the same thing – just don’t do it.

What you can do is use some colloidal silver.  It comes in a spray and does not sting when you apply it.  It takes away the infection and most importantly it is completely safe.  No risk  of swallowing toxic bleach or getting it in eyes.

Seriously, think about it, bleach is so strong it removes the most stubborn of stains and the smell is enough to make you choke.  Household bleach is not appropriate for washing your boy in no matter how dilute.  And no I don’t swim in pools………I go to the sea if I can!!

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