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Now there are many alternative methods to standard medical care in the treatment of many conditions including eczema. Many people I know wouldn’t use homeopathy, especially healthcare professionals who tend to wave it off as useless. However, when you have a condition like eczema which isn’t curable by standard medical care, these alternative methods of healing are an option for you to consider. At the end of the day, if the doctor cannot heal me, he has no right recommending and not recommending what I should try in my opinion and the only way to know is to get the experiences of others in similar conditions to you.

Now for me, I have now seen 3 different homeopaths over 6 years and the different methods used by each really helped me to see that you really do have to find the right homeopath before you even consider this sort of treatment. One who understands what eczema is really doing to you, I found that my latest experiences where my mental and physical weelbeing were targeted worked a lot better for me than treatment which focused only on the skin. It is the same reason I stopped going to the GP in the UK. I was sick of the symptoms being treated and never getting to the underlying triggers.

My Previous Homeopathy Experiences:

My first two homeopathy attempts left me feeling rather disappointed with the whole process. When I was 17 I began to see a homeopath who told me to cut out all meat and dark drinks, sweets and chocolate. Now I did do it and strictly too, but he never really explained the reasons behind it instead I felt like I was being restricted without knowing why. He gave me consultations every 2 weeks asking questions about my skin’s conditions and giving me tablets, however, I didn’t really notice much change within the year I did the homeopathy. I felt like it had been a waste of my time really. At times. I thought it was improving and at others I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong when it flared up and the bottom line was he didn’t really seem to get the impact on me. I gave up in the end as I felt it was just all for the money. He didn’t really care as long as I kept going back!

Now when I hit 18, someone recommended a homeopath to me who had helped them with their eczema so I was so hopeful! He was previously a practising doctor and had turned to homeopathy in his later years. Consultation seemed to be more in depth than my first experience and he told me to keep my lifestyle as normal as possible whilst taking the homeopathy medicine. Now I had real faith in this but I was in my university years when the eczema was attacking my body like crazy. It was everywhere and when I rang my homeopathy about it, he only told me to keep taking the tablets. I kept this up for over 2 years. It was so devastating to me emotionally though when the eczema was still getting worse that I gave up. I realised that I needed someone who understood how hard eczema was because otherwise they didn’t really understand my struggle and how hard it actually is to allow the skin to flare.

Latest experiences

Now from August, I began to consult with Mel Dupres (you can read more on her site here: She kindly offered me free consultations and I only paid for the medicines I received. So firstly, I would like to say thank you for Mel for offering her help, through email I gained some information and learned that she had also suffered from eczema (trust me a plus for me when I had seen two homeopaths before who couldn’t quite get what eczema was doing to me!) and I told her my worries about the eczema flaring when taking homeopathic remedies.

From the very beginning I felt able to talk to her more than I had my previous homeopaths (who had both been asian men) and felt she actually listened to my worries with concern rather than as passing conversation. For example, my fear of flare was something she took into consideration as before I even started the remedies, she gave my some diet tips to incorporate from the week before so that my body reduced its toxins before taking the homeopathic medicines in order to reduce any outbreak. This helped to ease my mind in terms of fearing the worst.

The diet changes she told me about in themselves were a great change. My motivation to not get a flare up meant I stuck to the changes in diet and without undertaking this homeopathy I probably never would have thought about my diet strictly. I had always thought I need to change it but never had, but I was driven by the reduced chance of flare up! I reduced my sugar intake dramatically, this was hard at first but it was one of the best things I ever did and the main thing I stick to now, I reduced red meats, potatoes, peppers to an extent and began to eat more green veg and some fruit. I began to generally reflect more on my intake too.

We had our first consultation over Skype and though I felt it a bit strange to be asked about my emotional wellbeing and feelings as I find it hard to be honest about these to be frank, I felt that it was important for me to be honest to get the most out of this process and one thing I think has been great, is with every consultation Mel has remembered my previous comments. I felt that with my previous homeopaths I was just one of many, but in this case I felt like an actual individual and Mel kept tabs on my process as much as me. She is an homeopath who really gets involved in all aspects of your life and I really like this aspect of her consultations.

We spoke about yoga and meditation as ways for me to relax better, we spoke of my communication with family and of course my skin, but weirdly enough my skin wasn’t the predominant factor and this actually wasn’t a bad thing. I was motivated to think about my overall wellbeing and not just my skin and this has been great, it honestly has. From my eczema care routine, you can see I now do yoga and meditation and this was really because of the push to look after my mental wellbeing. I also kept a diary with both emotional and physical factors as well as all food consumed and I feel I am more aware of myself both physically and emotionally. You yourselves will know how you are emotionally, I can be an emotional wreck at times and reflection on this and ways to combat it such as yoga and meditation have been great, Mel helped to encourage these and having someone there to push good habits on you is always a good thing!

I had remedies in both powder and liquid form, but I wasn’t burdened with excessive intake as I had previously been. Instead it may have been for a few days or a week I would take remedy and then top ups when I felt the need. I would take them before bed and so it wasn’t inconvenient on my day. I did notice difference in my skin texture, the flaring and combined with the diet, supplements and mental wellbeing, my skin really has come together well.

There were a few times, a flare up was creeping up and I felt a bit lost, but with a quick email I would contact Mel who would respond with advice every time or call me. This was great as with previous homeopaths it always felt like contacting them for support was pointless in between consultations, but with Mel it was great to get her input at times like these and she was happy to help.

Overall Opinion

After this last experience with homeopathy, I think finding the right practitioner for you is the main part. Think about what you are looking for in that person and do your research. If you are looking for someone who will look at your skin from all aspects like I was then I think Mel at Healing Essentials would be worth trying. She really has helped me to think more about myself – mentally and physically – and the incorporation of remedies when needed and good living have really helped. It wasn’t just about the homeopathy and that was definitely a plus!

Mel is approachable, friendly and I was able to skype or call her without having to go down to London regularly which I couldn’t do. I would encourage anyone wanting to try homeopathy to contact her as I know how hard it can be to find the right practitioner! Finding someone who understands that eczema is not all about the skin is important for me and so I know I will contact Mel again with future concerns. I’m glad that my homepathy experiences improved over time as I really had given up after the first 2!

Just want to say a special thank you to Mel for approaching me in the first place, it has been great to have you as my homeopath over the past months and your input has really helped to change my lifestyle for the better.

**I was offered FREE consultations by Mel Dupres at Healing Essentials, however, I paid for all remedies and postage and all of the views mentioned above are my own. I have not been paid to write this review in any form.

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