The Skin Story – When Steroids Fail Part 7

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By now we know the story when eczema is diagnosed.  The initial reaction is to look for a quick fix to get over the suffering as quickly as possible.

The prescription:

Steroid cream

Steroids internally (if severe)

Antihistamine (for allergic reactions to foods or environment)

Antibiotics for infection

Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.  When it doesn’t or is temporary, you find yourself on a nightmare roller coaster of rash, suppression of rash and rash again.

Steroids DO NOT CURE eczema and an honest dermatologist will tell you that, it merely suppresses it.

What’s the Alternative?

In my experience, first as an eczema sufferer then as a Homeopath.  I know that Homeopathy cures eczema.  It may not be the quick fix that everyone is looking for but it gets to the root of this dreaded skin condition.


What I do……

Take a history of the eczema to identify the cause, e.g. after a trauma, after vaccination or due to long term toxicity or stress or another reason.

Find the suitable homeopathic remedy

What you do………

Take the remedies…. they don’t work if not taken!

Follow a regime:


Eliminate trigger foods

Avoid environmental allergens.

Depending on the severity of the skin will depend on how long it takes to recover and heal.

Little D’s story:

D was brought to see me because of eczema she was 3 yrs old and had been struggling for a year or 2.  We identified that her eczema was triggered by vaccines and I prescribed vaccination detox remedies.  Her parents also realised that she  was allergic to their family cat…..sadly they had to find the cat a new home. They were also very careful with her diet.

There was a time when D could not shower because she had scratched so badly and it was too painful to get her skin wet.   After several months and lots of patience D’s skin became eczema free.  The family even welcomed their cat back home.



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